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    Energy financing: A look at the past and preparing for the future

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    “Climate change” the term has evolved from being a scientific reference to a household name in recent times. The extensive attention and coverage in the media regarding the issue has propelled it as a key political issue among the general public. Retrospect: The total worldwide ... read more

    Propagate energy investment and reap the savings

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    Among the basic necessity for the functioning of the modern tech savvy world, energy takes the prize of being the most important. Think about it, the world as it is today wouldn't be possible without energy. It's only fair to say that energy is the lifeblood of the 21st century. But at the same t... read more

    Effective alternative energy financing for better lighting solutions

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    LED abbreviated as Light Emitting Diode, it is pitted to be a crucial factor in the long run for the goal of a sustainable energy future. The following is a listing of key points on why financing energy efficiency projects and promoting LED is important. LED vs. Incandescent bulbs Electrical con... read more

    Why Water Conservation Solutions offer Financial Assistance for Installation of Advanced Water Valves?

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    As fresh water resources are getting depleted water costs have jumped to unimaginable rates. Apart from increased water costs most people in the United States are experiencing problems with increased city water bills. City water bills are rising due to supply vs demand. As a result of this water ... read more