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  • Energy Efficiency Financing- The Reliable Financial Resource

    Posted on May 12, 2014 by

    Utilizing energy efficiency is one of the best ways to reduce net operating expenses in your organization. Commercial and industrial facilities can meet their return on investment goals with energy efficiency and water conservation products. Companies can be cash flow positive from day one with Energy Efficient Financing.

    Energy Efficiency Financing is a vehicle for organizations to find energy and water conservation measures and help them to save money, reduce energy costs and ultimately have an impact on maintaining a green environment.

    Generally Energy efficiency solutions are needed in companies for

    • Installation of high efficient lighting systems such as LED’s
    • Energy management system and upgrading control systems
    • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
    • Installation of high efficiency co-generation systems
    • Replacement of inefficient motors and pump sets
    • Modernization of furnaces and boilers
    • Switching to refrigeration systems with higher efficiency

    To implement any of these solutions, a large number of financial options are available with financial services for Energy Efficiency Financing.

    Benefits of Energy Efficiency Financing:

    Easier Budgeting:

    The financing ensures fixed payments as there is no chance for rise and fall of interest rates thus enabling easier budgeting.


    The financing scheme for energy efficiency has a payment design in adherence to the anticipated energy savings of the individual company.


    On making the necessary arrangements applications, payments can be obtained very quickly despite the involvement of a lot of paperwork. There are cases where payments have been made within 24 hours

    Tax Efficient:

    The financing scheme is designed to be tax efficient. Payments may be offset against tax, depending on individual concerns. 

    As energy conservation is the need for the day, Energy Efficiency Financing has come to the arena to eliminate wastage of energy purely because of financial inabilities.