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  • Review Energy Efficiency Products That Offer Financing for Commercial Clients

    Posted on May 15, 2014 by

    In today’s world people have started concentrating on measures for efficient usage of water and electricity as a result of their increased consumption charges. Certain newer technologies have been offering proven benefits in water and power savings by reducing their net operating costs up to an astonishing 25 – 30%.

    Considering the importance of financing vehicles on energy efficiency projects a lot private and public organizations are providing energy finance solutions in NJ to encourage efficient usage of water and electricity.

    In this article you will find a few products that have financing available.

    Energy Management Systems:

    Energy management systems are used to maintain centralized control over equipment across multiple locations. The management system can be useful in metering, sub metering, reporting, providing alerts etc. Through these features system can contribute largely towards energy savings. The same sort of setup is available in managing water as well.

    Water conserving methods:

    Pressure variations, presence of air in water pipes can lead to malfunctioning of water meters thus leading to higher water bills. This problem can be solved by installation of certain controlling valves which compress the air present in the pipes and maintain constant pressure through the incoming water.

    Advanced Lighting and Control:

    The advent of lighting systems like LED’s has influenced high-quality lighting at minimal expenses. The other benefits of LED’s include

    • Longer life
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Even light distribution

    Apart from the above projects there are numerous energy efficient projects which have been proved fruitful in saving water and electricity bills
    With the advent of energy finance solutions, organizations that are in need of energy efficiency solutions can find the same without worrying about the investments and thus enjoy reduced expenses on energy.