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  • The industry climate on green energy funding

    Posted on December 9, 2014 by

    Energy sector trends:
    Investor sentiment depends on a booming market, with the economy recovering and the markets facing uncertainty. The interest in clean energy financing has been cloudy. There have been large fund injections into the clean energy market to mobilize it further to promote investing opportunities.

    Making the change to a green energy output is becoming a necessity rather than a choice. With visible effects of global warming already taking a toll on the ecosystem, ignoring obvious signals can usher in a situation where damage done due to climate change is irreversible.

    Why financing and cooperation is important:
    Big industry is the trademark of the modern world, but with this the emissions and carbon footprint has multiplied in many folds. A constructive approach toward climate is the approach that the energy industry needs. There is also a need for energy financing solutions. Government measures although have been taking place regularly a coordination between public and private players can bring about better change through collaboration.

    Climate Public Private Partnership (CP3)
    The main aim of CP3 is to increase the amount of funding in the Private sector towards positive climate measures. This translates into public equity funding in clean energy space of funding resulting in other sub funding and projects.

    The CP3 is a major constructive step toward a clean energy future and is expected to boost efficient energy financing. Initiated by the UK the CP3 is supported by Asian Development Bank and the IFC.

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