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  • The Role of Energy Efficiency Financing In Creating an Energy Independent Future

    Posted on October 8, 2014 by

    Energy Independent Future

    Rising energy costs each year of 3 to 8% or more in some cases have either forced companies to close its doors, move outside the USA or the fortunate ones were able to cut costs and survive. Many companies that reduced their net operating expense started with their energy bills. Energy Efficiency Financing allows you to become cash flow positive from day one with no money out of pocket. Energy financing is flexible to meet the company’s goals by letting them take the capital expenditure through a note or lease the equipment so there is no cap ex.

    There has been energy rebates and incentives for companies to take advantage of in conjunction with the energy financing, but some seem to feel it’s too good to be true. While others have passed on it for the simple reason it might take away maintenance jobs. The latter might be true, but those people could be retrained so the company can utilize them somewhere else.

    All of these goals can be met with energy efficiency financing for lighting projects, energy management systems, and other upgrades that will reduce energy costs. Energy efficiency financing is amazing in the sense that it can create instant cash flow right away. The energy financing combined with other incentives can make for a very quick pay back.

    Advantages of the various financing options at TeraWatt Dynamics:

    Note Financing:

    •    100% financing for qualified end users with flexible payment methods
    •    Reasonable interest rates
    •    Early termination and lower acquisition cost

    Shared Savings:

    •    Clients share in savings over a period of time without financial obligations
    •    Savings of each month from the respective utility bills are split based on %
    •    No out of pocket cost, no risk

    Lease Financing:

    •    100% financing for a set period of time 12 to 60 months
    •    No early termination
    •    High approval rate and you do not take the capital expenditure

    TeraWatt Dynamics is a national energy financing firm in Summit, New Jersey

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