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  • Upgrading to LED- An excellent Product to pay through Energy Efficiency Financing

    Posted on May 20, 2014 by

    It is a known fact that the world is using a excessive amounts of electricity on lighting systems alone. Surpassing all the previous invention of illumination systems, Light Emitting Diodes have become the smart solution to illumination needs with its energy efficient, clean and eco-friendly features.

    Staying away from the traditional analog lighting systems, LED’s have brought a massive leap in technology by bringing the new “Digital Lighting technology”.

    Large energy users are making a leap towards LED lighting as a result of its brilliant features and the financial support provided by Energy Efficient Financing organizations.

    It is quite obvious that people would think why LED? You will find the answer as you read its benefits given below;

    High Energy Efficiency:

    LED lights offer an incredible efficiency of 80 to 90% which is much higher than the conventional lighting systems. This also confirms that a maximum of 20% energy lost as heat thus ensuring very little heat emission from the device.

    Longer Life:

    LED lights have an expected life time of a sixty thousand hours thus promising a guarantee for at least 5 years.

    ECO Friendly:

    LED materials are replaceable and are 100% ECO friendly containing no toxic chemicals whereas conventional lights contain chemicals hazardous to humans and environment.

    Other Benefits:

    • LED’s are extremely durable as they are manufactured with high quality components
    • Despite producing little amount of IR, LED does not produce UV at all.
    • LED’s offer incredibly high response time as LED’s light-up as soon as getting powered – Instant On
    • Power at a lower voltage is sufficient for LED’s operation

    Moving a step towards upgrading to LED with energy efficiency financing taking care of the initial investments offers upgraders a massive leap of counting its benefits.