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  • Who We Are

    Terawatt Dynamics’ goal is to provide distributors with product and finance options for their water and energy end users. We support our distributors with unconventional and conventional financing for proven energy efficient and water conservation products. The patent pending technologies along with everyday technology can have end users saving a combined 20 to 30% on their utility bills monthly. 

    Terawatt Dynamics’ team of engineers and energy professionals assist distributors by training them to be able to provide professional consults, performing energy audits, and providing distributors customized solutions addressing their clients unique and individual needs.

    Our mission is to provide financed energy reduction solutions, with a commitment to quality and excellence in both our product lines and services. We believe money should never be an obstacle in the energy efficient world for our distributors end users.

    Whether it’s power correcting systems, water usage, lighting, roofing or heating, we provide distributors turnkey solutions, maximizing government incentives, tax strategies and 100% financing with the goal of achieving an ROI under two years.

    Terawatt Dynamics Financial services include but are not limited to: