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  • Why Make The Switch To Alternative Fuels?

    Posted on October 8, 2014 by

    Why Make The Switch To Alternative Fuels

    The earth is our only home; it’s not an obligation but everyone’s duty to take care of it. The repercussions of unsustainable energy practices has led to severe degradation of natural resources in the past decade than over any time in recorded history.

    Investing in renewable energy is the way forward as energy will be the most important commodity when natural resources hit a dead end, which is poised to happen very soon if alternative energy methods aren’t put into use.

    Here are some reasons why making the switch can be beneficial to us as a species:

    Countering Pollution:

    Imagine a future where all of us have to wear oxygen tanks to breathe clean air, although it may sound a little farfetched, but on a long enough timeline if similar fossil fuel based energy generation practices take place, we may have to wear oxygen tanks to get a breath of fresh air. With auto emissions skyrocketing and the carbon dioxide/monoxide content in the atmosphere ever increasing, clean energy is the only solution that can provide a way out before the worse.

    Recycling Pays:

    It’s estimated that per day about 4.5 pounds of waste is produced per person in the United States. This adds up to more than 236 million tons of waste annually. Investing in new ways to use waste to help generate power is crucial and can ensure sustainable waste utilization.

    Be Responsible and Save Money:

    It’s our home after all, you wouldn’t willingly trash and degrade somewhere you live so why treat the earth any other way?  Simple things such as creating more energy efficient buildings by using solar panels and saving water goes a long way in helping mother earth. A simple act of switching to more energy efficient products is sure to create an impact in the long run which is indirectly profitable to you through reduced energy bills.

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