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  • Why Water Conservation Solutions offer Financial Assistance for Installation of Advanced Water Valves?

    Posted on June 2, 2014 by

    As fresh water resources are getting depleted water costs have jumped to unimaginable rates. Apart from increased water costs most people in the United States are experiencing problems with increased city water bills. City water bills are rising due to supply vs demand.

    As a result of this water costs are increasing from 4 to 8% or more annually. This coupled with rising electricity costs are causing problems for organizations to stay profitable.

    The problems can be solved by installation of water valves carrying advanced features. Energy Finance Solutions in NJ encourages these installations by offering financial assistance for the initial investments to ensure water and money savings.

    Ways the Teravalve saves money on water bill

    • Incoming water carries air along water. Conventional meters cannot differentiate between air and water, thus record the entire volume coming through the pipes.
    • When water flows through the meter at increased pressure exceeding the rated pressure value, the meter over spins and records an increased reading value.
    • Volume is reduced on the end user side at undetectable rates, but adds up to over 10% savings on water and sewer bill.

    Role of Advanced valves in overcoming incorrect meter operation:

    The valves are built with a sensitive and efficient mechanism and are installed on the house side of the water meter to suppress the drawbacks of the water meter. The valve creates a solid core of backpressure.

    • The valves serve in compressing the air present alongside water to ensure that water volume alone is recorded by the meter.
    • Reduces excess pressure by acting as a buffer before the meter thus ensuring elimination of overspinning and thereby preventing incorrect meter recording.

    Benefits of Water Valves:

    • Maintains a constant water flow rate
    • Works consistently ensuring water conservation and avoiding excessive payments.
    • Financial assistance can be earned from energy finance solutions for initial investments.

    Water is a precious commodity, it’s money. Install the Teravalve and save money immediately on water and sewer bills.